American Equus Premium Horseshoes Revolutionize the Way We See Horses’ Hooves

Gilbert, Ariz. – Sep. 22, 2017 – American Equus’ Premium Horseshoes have garnered a great deal of attention for their vibrant, anodized color and modern design. Although the color is certainly important, American Equus horseshoes are more than just another attractive product on the market. Designed specifically with a horse’s optimum movement in mind, American Equus set out to design a shoe that was not only elegant but also exceptional for the horse that is wearing the shoe and easily applied by the dedicated farrier that is putting the shoe on every few weeks.

AE Sport Edge Horseshoes
American Equus Sport Edge Horseshoes

A true feat of engineering, the addition of the Premium Horseshoe to American Equus’ product line represents the ongoing effort to enhance experience of competition for horses and riders across the globe. Crafted from solid .5″ 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum, MonoBloc Premium Horseshoes only outweigh the traditional steel shoes with benefits. Stylish and ultra-lightweight, they are 65% lighter than steel shoes and are available in a wide variety of deep anodized colors.

The color on an American Equus Premium Horseshoe is even more useful than strikingly beautiful. Through a natural chemical reaction, the anodized color is proven to prevent fungal growth between the sole of the horse’s foot and the shoe. By keeping that space healthy and clean, the integrity of the hoof wall is preserved – ensuring the farrier will have even, healthy foot growth for continued regular shoeing cycles.

American Equus Premium Horseshoes are available in five distinct styles. Each style is specifically designed to match the needs to the type of horse wearing the shoe. While hunter and jumper clients may want to use the Sport Edge and Sport Infinity, racehorses will be inclined to use the Monobloc Accelerate. Polo ponies can be fitted in a Monobloc High Goal horseshoe and barrel race horses will most benefit from the Monobloc Velocity.

Other important features of the Premium Horseshoes include a rolled front edge for a comfortable break over process, tabbed edges, and unique counter-sunk and beveled topside nail holes. All of these features are designed to help the farrier provide their customers with a well-fitted horseshoe that require less shaping than a traditional steel horseshoe.

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