EQX Vitals

Use Once A Day

EQX Vitals $899

Tendon temperature and heart rate monitor with blue tooth connectivity.

  • Four sensor package, each with heartrate and tendon temperature monitors
  • Four American Equus Wraps
  • Wireless recharging station powered by Energous Corporation www.energous.com
  • Low power blue tooth connectivity to iOS and Android smart devices
  • 8 hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery for each sensor
  • Compatible with EQX Vitals app

Delivery in early 2022.

EQX Vitals App


  • Free
  • Usable with iOS and Android devices
  • Provides real time tendon temperature and heartrate data
  • Historical data recorded and graphed: 24hr, weekly, monthly and annual data views


Performance begins with Wellbeing

“The first day I used EQX Vitals I found Jax’srear left tendon was 8˚F higher than his others. On closer inspection Jaxhad picked up a small abrasion. I was able to rest him for a week rather than loose him for the season. Two months later we won our first championship in Tucson”

Chloe Shano

The 4 most common sports injuries

“Suspensory ligament damage, deep digital flexor tendon damage, bone bruising and inflamed joints can all be detected by increased temperature in the local area and an elevated heartbeat. EQX Vitals helps identify these, saving your horse from unnecessarily pain and long rehabilitation cycles that can be both timely and costly.

Prof. Dr. Margret BrosnahanDMV

Because he’s family

Barron has just spent the last six months recovering from a torn tendon. I felt terrible not knowing that he was in pain and riding him made the injury worse. EQX Vitals gave me the confidence to ride Barron again. I love my horse.

Andrea Philips

Becoming faster

“Just like human athletes horses have a performance zone in which they should be ridden in to ensure peak performance and avoid injury. EQX Vitals helps me track Odin’s max. and optimum heartbeat for rhythm and recovery. We have won more races this year than ever before.

Taylor Zbytek, World Champion