Monobloc Horseshoes

Meticulously crafted, remarkably comfortable, long lasting, and ultra-light. The American Equus MonoBloc Horseshoe is the paragon of robustness and elegance. The shoes have a lustrous anodized finish that is not only beautiful but functional. The MonoBloc Horseshoe is a light shoe for training sound young and adult horses as well as intense competition.

About Monobloc Horseshoes

MonoBloc shoes feature a rolled front edge for a comfortable break over process helping to keep future hoof and leg problems to a minimum. These shoes will roll with good protection of the sole and adequate heel support. In addition, the absence of a steel wear bar encourages the shoes to have a natural and superior wear pattern. For the farrier, the solid 6061 Aluminum structure allows for an easily malleable shoe for a quick and accurate fitting. Our unique counter-sunk and beveled topside nail holes allow for accurate nailing with multiple pattern options.
American Equus Infinity Aluminum Horseshoes
American Equus Infinity Aluminum Horseshoes

“We set out to create a new generation of Aluminum Horseshoe incorporating the input from top international farriers then them crafting here in the USA from solid 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum. The MonoBloc Sport Aluminum Horseshoes offer high-performance in a stylish and ultra-lightweight design.”

David Shano – Owner of American Equus

“I’ve been working with American Equus MonoBloc Aluminum horseshoes for three months and am consistently impressed with how well made they are. The design is forward thinking and really takes a horse’s natural movement into consideration. Also, because I work on a lot of horses in Florida, where conditions can be more wet than normal, I appreciate the anodizing process that helps prevents fungus growth.”

Jason Phillips – Professional Farrier


MonoBloc Aluminum Horseshoes will revolutionize the standard of horse shoes for competitive horses in disciplines ranging from Hunter/Jumper to Reining and Polo. American Equus enlisted a panel of world renowned blacksmiths to help visualize a shoe that addresses the modern farrier’s challenges. After months of careful research, design exploration and multiple revisions, the MonoBloc Sport Horseshoe will enter the market in the fall of 2017. A true feat of engineering, the addition of the MonoBloc Aluminum Horseshoe to American Equus’ product line represents the ongoing effort to enhance the experience of competition for horses and riders across the globe. Crafted from solid .5″6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum, our Sport MonoBloc Aluminum Horseshoes out perform traditional steel shoes with benefits. Stylish and ultra-lightweight, they are 65% lighter than steel shoes and will be available in a variety of deep anodized colors that help prevent oxidation and fungus growth typically seen in high moisture environments. Other features include a rolled front edge for a comfortable break over process, tabbed edges, and unique counter-sunk and beveled topside nail holes.