Marcus Fyffe Dressage Brings Color and Class to the Dressage Arena with American Equus

Marcus Fyffe Dressage Brings Color and Class to the Dressage Arena with American Equus

Wellington, Fla. – Jan. 25, 2017 – Leading dressage professionals, Canadian Olympian David Marcus, and Australian Grand Prix rider, Nicholas Fyffe, have become the newest sponsored riders with American Equus. The pair, who together operate Marcus Fyffe Dressage at Stillpoint Farm in Wellington, Florida, are looking forward to debuting American Equus’s innovative Elite stirrups during the 2017 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, where they will compete in CDI level competition.

“Marcus Fyffe Dressage is always trying to align ourselves with innovators in the industry and I think that American Equus has come up with a great new design that we are really excited about,” said David Marcus. “We really appreciate not only the versatility that the stirrup design allows but the feel it gives you while riding. We look forward to a great partnership
with them!

The Shano Family, founders of American Equus, with Marcus Fyffe Dressage

American Equus’ revolutionary stirrups and spurs are perfect for all equestrian disciplines because they are meticulously crafted out of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy. Hand polished finishes add a luxurious look to the products that are of unparalleled performance and design. The collection of stirrups and spurs is the perfect mixture of equestrian tradition and 21st century production technology, design and function.

The Elite line of stirrups that are being used at Marcus Fyffe Dressage incorporate an optimized design that helps to shape a rider’s leg around the horse. In addition, the foot beds are designed with unique patent pending traction pins to encourage a rider’s boot to find and hold the stirrups with ease.

“In this sport we are looking for any edge we can get, so in addition to the really modern construction and the ergonomics, the stirrups allow us to place our legs in the correct position which helps us communicate with the clearest aides possible,” remarked Nicholas Fyffe.

As an added benefit to the outstanding design features of American Equus stirrups, David and Nicholas appreciate the individuality that American Equus allows with their endless colors the stirrups can be manufactured with.

Customized Elite Stirrups for Marcus Fyffe Dressage from American Equus

“We chose to stick with the classic chrome for competitions however we love to play with the different colors they offer for schooling at home,” Fyffe explained. “Our brand colors are navy and grey and it’s really cool to be able to match that with American Equus’ stirrups.”

“We are incredibly fortunate to have our products with Marcus Fyffe Dressage,” concluded David Shano, founder and President of American Equus. “They are a business that works tirelessly to be in the forefront of their sport, and it is a great pleasure to be able to support them while they are training and competing.”

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