American Equus Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Decal – FREE SHIPPING



This year for the entire month of October the American Equus Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Decal will be offered to benefit The Shantel Lanerie Breast Cancer Foundation.

Shantel was a part of our equestrian community and we feel this is a wonderful cause to support in her memory. Please help us in our efforts and proudly display your decal.  We will be donating 100% of the proceeds!

More about the Foundation:

The Shantel Lanerie Breast Cancer Foundation was created to bring together people and organizations representing all health and social service disciplines in the commitment to establish new and unprecedented levels of effectiveness in providing resources, education, advocacy, and support. The Foundation is a non-profit, bringing the integrated cancer care message to help educate women.

The Foundation will be the voice of Shantel Lanerie. We are passionate, filled with energy and have a vision. We want breast cancer to be a disease of the past.

Our central focus is on educating, empowering and encouraging women to become pro-active in early detection, and if diagnosed, surviving breast cancer. We are striving to combine body, mind, and spirit in the treatment of breast cancer.

We wanted to create a place where resources can be shared on prevention, early detection, and fighting to survive. Along with resources to education, we want to be able to fund supportive programs that encompass the whole person, in addition to conventional medicine. We understand it takes more than medicine to get well and stay well.

When breast cancer is diagnosed, it impacts the entire family. We designate funds raised through donations and fundraisers to assist with the basic needs of breast cancer patients. The demand is huge, so each request for assistance will be reviewed individually. Every stage of breast cancer can be traumatic and difficult, but we also believe that sensitive acts of care and kindness can be powerful.


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