American Equus Hunter EQ “FILLIS” English Ultra-Light Stirrups


Luxuriously crafted and engineered for performance, these Hunter EQ “Slim Line” Fillis Stirrups are sleek and beautiful and Ultra-Light weight.

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American Equus Hunter EQ “FILLIS” English Ultra-Light Stirrups


Add some tech to your Equitation, our Hunter EQ Slim FILLIS Stirrups are Ultra-Light blending our patent pending Traction Pin footbed design with the look of a traditional “Fillis” stirrups. These are identical to our original Hunter EQ Stirrups, however, the weigh in at a mere 255 grams making these the lightest Hunter Stirrups available.  Our footbed system naturally eases knee, ankle and foot pressure with our unique ramp-in design. The patent-pending proprietary traction pin system secures your foot and provides for an unparalleled connection to the base of the stirrup. The slim base of the footbed helps you to achieve optimum balance while absorbing concussion to the ball of your foot.  The solid 6061 Aircraft Aluminum construction provides an incredibly safe ride with a 3000 lb per lateral crush strength protecting your feet against possible injury in the event of an accident.

Each stirrup is hand-polished to a mirror-like surface then Show Chromed for a luxurious, durable and lustrous finish.

Sold by the Pair

-Crafted from 6061 T6 Aircraft Billet Aluminum
-Unique Proprietary Interchangeable Traction Pin System
-Hand Polished
-Show Chrome Plated Finish
-Weight 255g each
-Dimensions 4.95″W x 2.0″D x 6.5″H



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 6 in
Traction Pin Style

Apex – Pointed Top, Stud – Flat Top

3 reviews for American Equus Hunter EQ “FILLIS” English Ultra-Light Stirrups

  1. Lucie (verified owner)


  2. Shaina M. (verified owner)

    These irons are amazing. They’re light weight. And give you an incredible secure feeling in the saddle. Shipping was fast and easy!

  3. Stephen B. (verified owner)

    Great Stirrups – Thank you

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