American Equus ReinDots™


American Equus ReinDots™
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American Equus ReinDots™ offer the ultimate rein control.  Simply installed by punching a 1/8″ hole and screwing the two sides of the ReinDots™ together.

WHY ReinDots™?

ReinDots™ help the rider to precisely guide their horse through exercises and develop an even, consistent, elastic contact from their hands to the bit. A rider’s positioning of their hands is critical, as the hands are the main contact to sensitive structures of your horse’s mouth. Many riders in various riding disciplines such as, jumping and dressage, will also use their hands to maintain their balance and of their horses front and hind end while riding. We have found that both experienced and inexperienced riders will find themselves losing their reins involuntarily by their hands sliding towards the buckle, often making their reins uneven or losing contact with the horse. Trainers especially spend a lot of time correcting hand position issues in beginner student riders, specifically, length and evenness. To help with hand placement, some riders mark their reins with tape or small elastic bands to mark the correct position of their hands. However, because riders often wear gloves, it is sometimes difficult for them to feel such enhancements while riding. All at the same time, while on the horse, riders must intently look ahead in front of them, rather than down at their hands to find the markers on the reins. Our ReinDots™ can be easily attached to any reins for students to use. The ReinDots™ can be used to train riders quickly to hold their reins even while maintaining contact with the horses mouth. Our ReinDots™ solve this problem for you in a unique and stylish way!


  • Crafted in the USA from 6061/T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Hand-Polished and Finished
  • Easily Installed with 1/8″ leather punch
  • Sold in Pairs

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ReinDot™ Color

Black, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Tiffany BLue