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Enter to win our “STICK IT TO WIN IT” Stirrup Giveaway!



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Join our 1st  ever American Equus “STICK IT TO WIN IT” Decal Giveaway Contest!
The American Equus brand represents riders of all skill levels and disciplines and we want you to show us where you ride!


Take and submit pictures of your AE Stickers in all the unique places you ride or roam. Whether in the show ring, on your water bottle at the gym, or high in the mountains with your horse, we want to see where you take American Equus!

Entering the contest is free and the rules are pretty simple:

  • Complete Contest Sign-Up Form below (including your address) and we will send you some free American Equus decals you can use to show off your American Equus spirit.
  • Post a photo of one-of-a-kind decals in the most unique location or displayed in an interesting way
  • Submit your image to our Facebook or Instagram Contest post and use the Hashtag #aestickit 
  • Limited to the First 1000 Entries
  • Last Day to enter is November 19th!!  Our team will pick the 10 most unique images on November 29th and then open the floor to our Followers, so they can for their favorite photo! The winner will be announced on December 6th and will receive a free pair of American Equus stirrups.

*Prize Stirrups can be any stirrups of the winner’s choosing, up to $300 in value and free shipping inside the continental U.S. Non-continental U.S. residents must pay shipping.

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Complete the form below to entered into our Stick It! Giveaway.
*Be sure to include your address on the submission form so we can mail you the decals*



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*Include address to be entered into our Giveaway Contest.



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