Lauren Weiss

Lauren Weiss

Lauren Weiss is a part of a high performance team that is humble and stays true to their core beliefs. Her mother, a veteran horsewoman and rider handed the reins to her daughter and is currently Team Weiss’ manager. As a registered Amateur rider, Lauren challenges herself and Team Weiss to compete in professional dominated divisions. We adopt a fearless and relentless attitude that is blind to seeing failure or fear of judgement in front of others as an option.

Challenge is a constant learning opportunity; asking questions in that moment of time inspires and allows oneself to get a better perspective and understanding of life. Commitment is having a positive mindset, which leads to the blueprint of control. This framework is the optimal overall life experience/satisfaction. 2017 is our blank canvas to create a living masterpiece; with that being said, we will continue to express gratitude for the simple joys that life has to offer, while striving to be the best version of our team inside and outside of the show ring and continue to live the dream.

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