American Equus

Luxuriously crafted and engineered for performance our collection of stirrups is the
perfect mix of time honored saddlery and 21st century production techniques.

Spurs & Shanks

MonoBloc Horseshoes

American Equus Quality Equestrian Products

Fine materials, exacting requirements and technical mastery are the foundations of American Equus’ quality. Our master machinists craft the finest materials to create unique and exceptional equestrian products. American Equus draws inspiration from riders and their horses giving free rein to combine different elements and options to produce a truly custom riding experience. The American Equus brand crafts all its products in the United States, in our own workshop in Gilbert, Arizona.

AE Riding Gloves

Our Signature Performance Equestrian Riding Gloves are expertly crafted, elegant and durably designed. First, we use only the highest quality material for a lightweight, ultra-soft glove which offers a great fit and outstanding rider comfort. Most importantly our EquiFeel material highly breathable, elastic and supple. Finally, this luxury riding glove feels like a second skin, while the exclusive material ensures superior grip and tactility with your reins



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Equestrian Stirrups

American Equus “Elite”
English Stirrups Illusion

Equestrian Spurs

American Equus “Elite”
English Stirrups Illusion Black

Equestrian Horseshoes

American Equus “Elite”
English Stirrups Illusion Violet

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Safety, in and out of your Stirrups! - our Illusion Black Elite Stirrups with #RideAE ...

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“We love to Run” - our SS77 Racing Iron with @a.cedillojockey #RideAE 📷 @a_evers ...

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When it’s time to exit your Irons! - our Illusion Blue Pro-Polo Irons with @charliewood363 #RideAE ...

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We make it easier to Fly! - our Illusion Black Slant10’s with @sharnwordley #RideAE ...

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“Striking in Monochrome” - our Hunter EQ Show Chrome Stirrups with @bellaw2002 #RideAE 📷 @esequine_photography ...

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“That new Kicks Feeling” - our Velocity 6061 aluminum performance horseshoes #RideAE ...

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“Levitation” - our EquiFeel Gloves and Illusion Black Elite Stirrups with @lindsay_ghete_jumper #RideAE ...

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“On Point” - our Hunter EQ Show Chrome Stirrups with @taliciabeardsmore #RideAE ...

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Happy BluesDay! - Our Tiffany Blue Slim Spurs with @samssaddles #RideAE ...

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“Fly into your Week” - our Shooting Star Elite Stirrups with @farrah.eq #RideAE ...

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Perfectly Gloved - our Black Label Performance Gloves with @flaxenpony #RideAE ...

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“Live in American Equus” - weekends with @farrah.eq @team.equus @tori_ridgway21 @caydencrowshaw #RideAE ...

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Float into your Weekend! - our Illusion Black Elite Stirrups with #RideAE 📷 ...

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“Four off the Floor” - our Tiffany Blue Elite Stirrups with @foralways_equestrian #RideAE ...

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Experience the Art of Riding - our Hunter EQ Show Chrome Stirrups with @bellaw2002 #RideAE ...

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Gain control over the Gound! - our Crystal Edition Elite Stirrups with @farrah.eq #RideAE ...

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