Equestrian Riding Helmet

Equestrian Riding Helmets

Any rider that participates in the thrilling world of equestrian sports knows that the right Equestrian Helmet is absolutely vital in regards to their safety while riding. While the exact construction of helmets may differ slightly from brand to brand, there are some common features that all helmets should include to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

The importance of such a helmet is absolutely vital to any rider’s success. Wearing a certified helmet will prevent the wearer from sustaining any consequential brain or head injuries if they were to fall off the horse or experience a violent jolt. Studies have also shown that wearing a properly fitted riding helmet can help to reduce a rider’s risk of a concussion by up to 50%.

The outer shell of an equestrian helmet is typically made from injection-molded plastic. This material is lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand impacts from any angle. Any well-crafted riding helmet is able to allow the rider not only peace of mind regarding their protection in case of an accident, but it should also possess a sleek and comfortable design so the rider remains focused. The shell is designed to protect the rider from any external impacts, the interior of the helmet is lined with a soft, cushy material. This internal lining is designed to absorb the shock of a fall, and to provide additional cushioning for the rider’s head. Most helmets also include a chin strap and a ventilation system, both of which are important safety features. The chin strap secures the helmet to the rider’s head, preventing it from shifting or coming off during a fall. The ventilation system keeps the rider’s head cool, which is important for both comfort and safety. The vents also help to keep the rider’s head dry, which is especially important if the rider is wearing a helmet for an extended period of time. Quality helmets will have an adjustable ratchet system to allow the rider the opportunity to adjust the helmet to the exact size of their head.

Nowadays, riders are treated to a wide variety of styles and designs when it comes to riding helmets. Some of these options will include special features such as airflow systems and integrated visors to keep the rider’s head cool and protected, without sacrificing the high level of visibility riders rely on to be successful. These features can be extremely beneficial for both novice and professional riders alike.

In short, equestrian riding helmets are a paramount piece of equipment when it comes to providing riders safety. With a wide variety of certified styles and designs available, riders are sure to find the perfect helmet for their needs. Investing in a reliable riding helmet should be a priority for anyone who plans to ride a horse, so make sure to always wear a riding helmet when riding.

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